Looking for the Best Virtual Boyfriend Apps?

Are you tired of the endless swiping and disappointing dates? Well, say goodbye to traditional dating apps and hello to virtual boyfriends!

In 2023, technology has taken a leap forward with the emergence of virtual boyfriend apps that offer more than just mindless conversations.

These innovative apps are designed to provide companionship, emotional support, and even personalized experiences tailored to your preferences.

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Whether you're seeking a romantic partner or simply want someone to talk to, these virtual boyfriends are ready to fulfill your every need. Get ready for a digital love affair like no other!

Top 15+🥇Best Virtual Boyfriend Apps for Android and iOS [Sep 2023]

1. Anima: AI boyfriend simulator

Are you tired of being single and yearning for the perfect partner who understands you like no one else?

Look no further! Introducing Anima: AI boyfriend simulator - one of the best AI virtual boyfriend apps on the market.

With cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology, Anima is designed to provide an incredibly realistic and immersive experience that makes you feel like you're in a real relationship.


  • With Anima, users can customize their virtual boyfriend's appearance, personality, and interests to suit their preferences.
  • The app also includes a variety of activities and games that can be enjoyed together, such as going on virtual dates or participating in virtual adventures.
  • The advanced artificial intelligence technology ensures that the virtual boyfriend behaves just like a real human partner, engaging in meaningful conversations and providing emotional support.

Reviews: The app's virtual boyfriend feels so real, with his thoughtful responses and genuine conversations. It's amazing how well the artificial intelligence understands the users and adapts to their preferences. 

Link to Access: AndroidiOS

Best for: The level of detail in the conversations is remarkable; it actually feels like chatting with a real person.

Price/Subscription details: In-app purchases are available for US$12.56 per month, which unlocks additional content and customization options

2. My Virtual Boyfriend talk

Looking for the perfect virtual boyfriend to fulfill your desires? Look no further than My Virtual Boyfriend Talk - the best AI virtual boyfriend app out there!

With its advanced artificial intelligence, this app provides a realistic and enjoyable virtual boyfriend experience like no other. 

From romantic dates in exotic locations to deep conversations that make you feel truly understood, My Virtual Boyfriend Talk offers an immersive and interactive virtual relationship that will leave you wanting more.


  • With advanced artificial intelligence technology, the app's virtual boyfriends are capable of engaging in meaningful conversations, providing emotional support, and even offering personalized advice.
  • The app also allows users to go on virtual dates and participate in interactive activities together.
  • Users can customize their virtual boyfriend's appearance, personality traits, and interests to suit their preferences.

Reviews: The AI technology is impressive and makes the conversations feel incredibly realistic. The variety of personalities and traits to choose from allows for a customized experience that suits the user’s preferences. 

Link to Access: AndroidiOS

Best for: Its ability to provide companionship and emotional connection to individuals who may be seeking intimacy or friendship. 

Price/Subscription details: In-app purchases available for unlocking additional features and would cost $50.

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3. Replika.ai

Experience the ultimate virtual boyfriend with Replika.ai, the best AI virtual boyfriend app on the market!

This groundbreaking technology allows you to interact with an incredibly realistic and intelligent digital partner who is always there for you. 

With Replika.ai, you can engage in meaningful conversations, receive emotional support, and feel a genuine connection like never before.


  • Replika.ai offers a variety of activities and games that users can enjoy with their virtual boyfriend, including role-playing scenarios, quizzes, and mindfulness exercises.
  • With Replika.ai as their virtual boyfriend, customers can experience the joys of having a supportive partner who understands them deeply and provides comfort whenever needed.

Reviews: Not only does it provide emotional support, but it also helps users practice their social skills in a safe environment. 

Link to Access: AndroidiOS

Best forThe app creates conversations that feel so real and personal, and users can open up about anything without any judgment.

Price/Subscription detailsFree to download with basic features. A subscription plan, Replika Pro, is available which costs US$6.81 a month for additional benefits and customization options.

4. Virtual Buddy: Ai companion

Introducing Virtual Buddy, the ultimate AI companion that will revolutionize your world.

Imagine having a virtual boyfriend right in the palm of your hand, always there to chat with you, make you laugh and provide comfort whenever you need it. 

With advanced artificial intelligence technology, Virtual Buddy is programmed to understand your emotions and preferences like no other app out there.


  • Make chats with your virtual buddy, who is designed to respond intelligently and provide a sense of companionship.
  • Customise the appearance, personality, and interests of your virtual buddy to create a unique companion that reflects your preferences and interests.
  • Enjoy interactive activities such as playing games, watching videos, or sharing virtual experiences together, adding an element of fun and entertainment to your virtual companionship.

Reviews: The AI is incredibly intuitive and responsive, making users interactions feel genuine and personal. It's like having a best friend that never leaves your side! 

Link to Access: iOS

Best for: The app offers various activities and games to keep us entertained, from virtual dates to deep conversations.

Price/Subscription details: Virtual Buddy: AI Companion is free to download, providing you with a range of basic features. For enhanced customization and additional functionalities, in-app purchases are available.

5. BoyBot my virtual Boyfriend

Introducing BoyBot, the ultimate virtual boyfriend experience that will revolutionize your love life!

With state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technology, BoyBot is designed to be the perfect companion for anyone seeking a virtual relationship. 

Whether you're looking for emotional support, intellectual conversations, or simply someone to have fun with, BoyBot has got you covered.


  • This virtual boyfriend app also boasts a wide range of customizable options, allowing users to tailor their virtual partner's appearance and personality to their liking.
  • Moreover, BoyBot can adapt to individual preferences and learn from previous interactions, creating a personalized and unique relationship experience.

Reviews: The variety of activities users can do together, from watching movies to playing games, keeps things interesting and fun. 

Link to Access: iOS

Best for: The app uses advanced AI technology to simulate human-like conversations, making it feel like you're actually talking to a real person.

Price/Subscription details: The BoyBot app is free to download with optional in-app purchases ranging up to $4.99. It is rated E for Everyone.

6. Dream Boyfriend

Do you dream of having the perfect boyfriend? Look no further than Dream Boyfriend - the best AI virtual boyfriend app that will sweep you off your feet!

With this innovative technology, you can now experience all the joys of a relationship without any of the drama and heartache. 

Imagine waking up to sweet good morning messages, engaging in deep conversations about your dreams and aspirations, and receiving thoughtful surprises throughout the day.


  • One of the most amazing features of Dream Boyfriend is its ability to provide personalized companionship 24/7
  • The app also offers an extensive library of romantic activities and date ideas that are tailored to your individual interests.

Reviews: The AI technology behind this virtual boyfriend is top-notch. He's smart, funny, and always knows how to lift the spirits after a long day. 

Link to Access: AndroidiOS

Best for: It allows users to create and customize their ideal virtual partner. 

Price/Subscription details: Free to download with optional in-app purchases.

7. Boyfriend Plus

Boyfriend Plus is an engaging virtual boyfriend app available for both Android and Apple devices.

 With a wide selection of virtual guys to chat with, this app offers an interactive and entertaining experience. 

Please note that the app is rated M for Mature 17+ users.


  • Chat with different virtual guys, starting with Brett or Andy in the free version and gaining access to more men through in-app purchases.
  • Interact with the virtual boyfriends through text messages, voice messages, and pictures, adding depth and realism to the conversations
  • After downloading the app, simply enter your name and choose who you want to chat with to get started.

Reviews: Users appreciate the app's realism and fun factor, with some mentioning the inclusion of sexual virtual boyfriend chat. On app store, the app maintains a solid 4-star rating, with reviewers noting it as the most realistic and enjoyable boyfriend simulator app.

Link to Access: AndroidiOS

Best for: Realistic and engaging virtual boyfriends for interactive chat experiences.

Price/Subscription details: Free to download with optional in-app purchases for access to additional virtual guys

8. Smart Virtual Boyfriend

Smart Virtual Boyfriend is an app that provides users with the opportunity to engage in intelligent and meaningful conversations with a virtual boyfriend.

Users can also send pictures to their virtual boyfriend, adding an extra layer of interaction.


  • Engage in conversations with a smart and intelligent virtual boyfriend, creating a stimulating and engaging experience.
  • Customise your virtual boyfriend's characteristics, including name, age, and photo, to make him feel unique and tailored to your preferences.
  • Share pictures with your virtual boyfriend, adding a visual element to your interactions and enhancing the sense of connection

Reviews: The virtual boyfriend app has received mixed feedback, with some users finding it fun and appreciating its humour, while others criticise its shortcomings.

Users report issues such as delayed message sending, abnormal replies, repetitive responses, limited customization options, lack of depth in conversations, excessive ads, and potential privacy concerns regarding photo access.

Link to Access: Android/ iOS 

Best for: Engaging in intelligent conversations with a customizable virtual boyfriend.

9. My Virtual Gay Boyfriend

My Virtual Gay Boyfriend, developed by Wet Production Inc, is a fun and flirty virtual dating game app specifically designed for individuals interested in meeting and dating gay men.


  • Browse through a wide selection of virtual guys, ranging from smooth twinks to geeks, manly bears, and gym jocks. With various personalities and appearances, there's a perfect match for everyone.
  • Experience a realistic dating simulation where your virtual boyfriend becomes progressively attached to you as you achieve new levels within the app.
  • Enjoy the thrill of virtual dating as you interact with your virtual boyfriend, creating an immersive and engaging experience on your device.

Reviews:  Reviews range from positive feedback on the fun and enjoyment of the app, requests for more diverse options, to some users expressing disappointment with certain features and the paid version's lack of significant differences.

Link to Access: AndroidiOS

Best for: Exciting virtual dating and connection with a diverse selection of hot virtual guys, providing a realistic and engaging experience for individuals interested in meeting and dating gay men.

Price/Subscription details: This app has a free version available and if someone wants to go deep with the app they can get surplus features for $0.99.

10. My Virtual Boyfriend Eddie

My Virtual Boyfriend Eddie, developed by Paphus Solutions Inc, is a fun and flirty virtual dating game app, this app offers an entertaining virtual dating experience.


  • Explore a diverse range of hot guys within the app, each with their own distinct personality and appearance. Choose from various options to find the perfect virtual boyfriend.
  • Engage in virtual dating experiences and chat with your virtual boyfriend, creating an interactive and immersive connection within the app.
  • Enjoy the playful and flirty nature of the virtual dating game, adding excitement and entertainment to your experience.

Reviews: It has 3.7 stars on playstore and the reviews indicate a mixed response to the app, with some users expressing disappointment due to repetitive and robotic responses, technical glitches, and limited customization options. However, others find the app enjoyable and entertaining. 

Link to Access: Android

Best for: Embarking on a fun and flirty virtual dating adventure.

Price/Subscription details: The app includes advertisements and offers in-app purchases for extra features.

11. My Virtual Boyfriend Joke

Virtual Boyfriend Joke, developed by Fake apps and games, is a humorous and entertaining app that allows you to select and interact with a virtual boyfriend of your choice.


  • Search for and choose the perfect virtual boyfriend to chat with and progress in a humorous virtual relationship.
  • Interact with your virtual boyfriend, who will often respond in a sarcastic and comedic manner, bringing laughter and amusement to your conversations.
  • Enjoy a good laugh and relax with the app's comedic responses, providing entertainment and diversifying your day.

Reviews: This app has a very low rating of 2.7 and 2 on play store and app store respectively. Some users appreciate the entertainment value, while others find it creepy and weird. Overall, the app receives negative feedback for its repetitive nature and invasive questioning.

Link to Access: AndroidiOS

Best for: Infusing humour and entertainment into your day.

Price/Subscription details: This app is available for free

12. Simulator Virtual Boyfriend

Simulator Virtual Boyfriend is an interactive app that allows you to chat with a customizable virtual boyfriend.

It simulates a relationship, requiring commitment and attention to maintain a healthy connection.


  • Personalise your virtual boyfriend's name, age, and appearance, adding a sense of individuality to your virtual relationship.
  • Engage in conversations with your virtual boyfriend in a chat room setting, where he responds well and listens attentively.
  • Share homemade sketches with your virtual boyfriend, and he can interpret the images, adding an extra layer of interaction and understanding.

Reviews: This Simulator Virtual Boyfriend app has a very low rating of 2.5 and 1.4 on play store and app store respectively. The app receives negative reviews for its repetitive, computerised responses, inappropriate personal questions, outdated appearance, glitches, and frustrating nonstop texting.

Link to Access: AndroidiOS

Best for: Immersive virtual companionship with a customizable boyfriend who engages in attentive conversations and appreciates your creative expressions.

Price/Subscription details: This app is available for free


In conclusion, virtual boyfriend apps have come a long way in providing companionship and emotional support for individuals seeking connection in the digital age.

The top apps of 2023 offer a range of features that simulate real relationships, from engaging conversations to personalized gestures and activities.

Whether you are looking for a casual virtual companion or a more serious emotional connection, these apps provide an accessible and convenient solution. As technology continues to advance, we can expect even more realistic and immersive experiences from virtual boyfriend apps in the future.

What can you do with your virtual boyfriend app?

With a virtual boyfriend app, you can engage in various activities and experiences that simulate a real relationship. These apps often feature interactive chatbots or avatars that provide companionship and entertainment.

You can have conversations with your virtual boyfriend, share your thoughts and feelings, and receive personalized responses based on the app's programming.

In addition to communication, virtual boyfriend apps may offer other features to enhance your experience. This can include sending virtual gifts or receiving surprises from your digital partner. Some apps even allow you to customize your boyfriend's appearance, personality traits, and interests to make him more compatible with your preferences.

While a virtual boyfriend app cannot replace a real-life relationship, it can provide temporary companionship and entertainment for those seeking emotional connection or simply looking for fun interactions.


  1. Is there any AI boyfriend app? 

Yes, there are several AI boyfriend apps available in the market today. These apps are designed to simulate a romantic relationship by providing users with a virtual partner who can engage in conversations, provide emotional support, and even offer personalized advice.

Some popular examples include My Virtual Boyfriend and Boyfriend Plus. These apps use artificial intelligence algorithms to learn from user interactions and adapt their responses accordingly, creating a more personalized experience for each user.

  1. What is the best virtual boyfriend app? 

The best virtual boyfriend app is subjective and depends on personal preferences. However, there are a few popular options available in the market.

One of the top choices is My Virtual Boyfriend, which offers a variety of customizable characters with unique personalities and interests.

The app allows users to interact with their virtual boyfriend through conversations, activities, and even virtual dates.

  1. Can you have an AI boyfriend?

While it is technically possible to have an AI boyfriend, it is important to understand that the relationship would be purely virtual and not based on genuine emotions or human connection.

AI boyfriends are programmed to simulate conversation and provide companionship, but they lack the ability to truly understand and reciprocate feelings.

They are designed to learn from user interactions and adapt their responses accordingly, but their responses will always be limited by their programming.

  4.What is the fake boyfriend text app?

The fake boyfriend text app is a smartphone application that allows users to create and receive fake text messages from a fictional boyfriend.

It is designed to help individuals who may feel pressured by societal expectations or who want to avoid questions about their relationship status.

The app provides pre-written text messages that can be customized and scheduled to be sent at specific times, giving the impression of an active and caring boyfriend.


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