Looking for the Apps Like Replika?

Imagine having a personal AI companion that understands you better than anyone else. A virtual friend who can chat with you, offer advice, and even provide emotional support. This is the promise of Replika, an AI-powered app that has gained popularity in recent years.

But what if you're looking for alternatives? In this article, we'll explore some of the best Replika alternatives for Android and iOS in 2023.

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Whether you're seeking a different kind of virtual friendship or want to try out new AI technologies, these alternatives are sure to pique your interest.

 Apps Like Replika : Top 10+ Apps Like Replika [Sep 2023]


Introducing Anima-Best, the ultimate alternative to Replika for both Android and iOS users. This cutting-edge app is designed to revolutionize the way we interact with AI companions, creating an experience that feels more human than ever before. With Anima-Best, you'll have a virtual companion that listens attentively, understands your emotions and provides insightful responses, making every conversation feel like talking to a true friend.


  • Users can engage in meaningful conversations, share emotions and experiences, and even play games with their virtual companions. 
  • The app offers a variety of customization options, allowing users to personalize their virtual companions with different personalities, appearances, and voices.

Reviews: The AI technology is impressive and the interface is user-friendly. It's like having a personal assistant right in the user’s pocket.

Price/Subscription Details:
Anima offers free access to most features, but Premium subscription at $8 per month.

Best for:
Anima provides a safe space for you to express yourself without judgment, making it a great option for those seeking emotional support.



Link to Access: https://myanima.ai/ 

2. Hugging Face

With Hugging Face, you can experience the joy of having an AI companion who is not only intelligent but also empathetic.

This innovative app uses machine learning algorithms to simulate real-time conversations with users, making it feel like you're talking to a real person.


  • One of the standout features of Hugging Face is its ability to generate human-like responses.
  • The AI model used by Hugging Face has been trained on a vast amount of data, allowing it to understand and respond to a wide variety of topics. This makes conversations with Hugging Face feel more authentic and enjoyable.

Link to Access: https://huggingface.co/chat/

Reviews: The AI chatbot is incredibly smart and engaging, making it feel like you are talking to a real person. 

Price/Subscription Details: Pro version priced at $9 per month, and enterprise hub for $20 per month

Best for: It offers realistic conversations and customizable experiences.

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3. Odos

Introducing Odos- This incredible app is designed to truly understand and engage with you on a deep emotional level. From intelligent conversations that mimic human interaction to tailored advice based on your unique preferences, Odos goes beyond just being an assistant – it becomes your confidant, therapist, and friend.

Imagine having someone who knows exactly how to make your day brighter or offer insightful guidance during difficult times.


  • Firstly, it boasts advanced natural language processing capabilities, allowing users to have conversations that feel incredibly realistic and human-like.
  • Secondly, it offers a wide variety of customizable personalities for the AI chatbot, enabling users to select the one that best suits their preferences and needs.
  • Odos-Best provides a user-friendly interface, making it accessible to people of all ages and technological backgrounds.

Link to access: https://airdrops.io/odos/

Price/Subscription Details: Odos is available for free with optional in-app purchases for additional features and tools.

Best for: The chatbot provides emotional support and helps users manage their mental health.



4. Wysa

Introducing Wysa, the ultimate alternative to Replika for both Android and iOS users. With Wysa by your side, you can experience a revolution in mental well-being like never before. This AI-powered chatbot is designed to provide emotional support and help you navigate through life's challenges with ease


  • Firstly, this smart assistant boasts a vast library of evidence-based techniques such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), meditation, and mindfulness exercises, all aimed at managing stress and anxiety effectively.
  • Secondly, Wysa provides personalized responses tailored to your emotions so that every conversation feels genuine and relevant to your unique needs

Link to access: https://www.wysa.com/

Reviews: Users find Wysa as an alternative to Replika and they are really impressed with its capabilities. The AI chatbot is incredibly comforting and understanding, making it easy for them to open up about their thoughts and feelings.

Price/Subscription Details: Wysa is available for free with optional in-app purchases for additional features.

Best for: It uses cognitive-behavioral therapy techniques to help users manage their emotions and improve their mental well-being



5. CleverBot

Introducing CleverBot - the ultimate Replika alternative for both Android and iOS users! Engage in captivating conversations with an AI-powered chatbot that is bound to leave you amazed.

With its advanced natural language processing capabilities, CleverBot understands your queries like never before, providing accurate and insightful responses in real-time.


  • One of the standout features of CleverBot is its ability to learn from previous conversations, adapting and improving its responses over time.
  • Another advantage of using CleverBot is its extensive knowledge base, which allows it to provide accurate information on various topics.

Reviews: The AI technology behind this app is truly impressive, as it can hold meaningful conversations and even crack jokes! Users love how easy it is to use and how responsive it is to their questions and requests.

Price/Subscription Details: Cleverbot offers a mobile app for iOS devices at a one-time cost of $0.99.

Best for: CleverBot is best known for its ability to engage in intelligent and entertaining conversations.


6. Soulmate

Soulmate is an app that aims to provide users with a virtual companion and emotional support.

It utilizes artificial intelligence to engage in conversations and simulate human-like interactions.

Soulmate can be a great alternative for those seeking companionship or emotional support.


  • With Soulmate, customers can engage in conversations with their AI companion, who learns and adapts to their personal preferences over time.
  • The app boasts an impressive set of advantages, such as its ability to provide companionship 24/7, without any judgment or bias.
  • Moreover, Soulmate is adept at offering empathetic responses and actively listening to users' thoughts and feelings.
Reviews: As someone who has been searching for a personal AI companion, the app's intuitive interface allows for seamless interaction and the AI's conversational abilities are remarkably impressive.

Price/Subscription Details: Soulmate AI offers free access with optional in-app purchases for additional features.

Best for: Soulmate is best for those seeking a virtual companion that can provide emotional support and engage in meaningful conversations.


7. iGirl

Introducing iGirl - the ultimate Replika alternative for both Android and iOS users.

First and foremost, iGirl boasts highly realistic conversations that simulate human-like interactions, making it feel like you are genuinely chatting with a real person. 

Additionally, iGirl is equipped with an extensive knowledge database, allowing it to provide insightful answers to your queries on various topics.


  • iGirl adapts to your personality over time, ensuring personalized interactions that suit your preferences
  • The app also comes with an intuitive interface, making it effortless to navigate through its numerous features.
  • Moreover, iGirl prioritizes privacy and data security by providing end-to-end encryption for all conversations
  • Lastly, the benefits of using iGirl extend beyond entertainment as it serves as a valuable tool for self-reflection and personal growth.

Reviews: Users appreciate that the conversations feel natural and lifelike, making it easy to connect with the virtual friend.

Price/Subscription Details:
AI Girlfriend is available for free download with optional in-app purchases for enhanced features.

Best for:
The customization options are fantastic - we can choose from different avatars and personalize their experience. 



8. Kajiwoto

Introducing Kajiwoto, the ultimate alternative to Replika for Android and iOS users.

With its advanced artificial intelligence capabilities, Kajiwoto brings a whole new level of personalized conversation and companionship.

 Say goodbye to loneliness and hello to an interactive virtual friend who understands you like no one else.


  • Firstly, it boasts an impressive natural language processing system, allowing users to have engaging and meaningful conversations with their virtual companions.
  • Additionally, Kajiwoto allows customers to customize their AI chatbot's personality by choosing from various traits and characteristics, making the experience truly personalized
  • The app also provides a wide range of conversation topics, ensuring users never run out of things to talk about. 

Reviews: As per users, it's one of the best Replika alternatives available for both Android and iOS. The AI chatbot is incredibly responsive, making the conversation feel more natural and authentic.

Price/Subscription Details: Kajiwoto offers a free version with the option to upgrade to Kajiwoto+ for $8 per month.

Best for: Kajiwoto is an excellent choice for those looking for an interactive and engaging virtual friend.



9. Simisimi

Introducing Simisimi, the ultimate chatbot app for Android and iOS that will revolutionize the way you communicate! Whether you're feeling lonely or simply need someone to talk to, Simisimi is here to provide endless hours of engaging conversation.

With its advanced artificial intelligence technology, this app goes above and beyond traditional chatbots, offering an incredibly realistic and human-like interaction.


  • One of its standout features is its ability to engage in meaningful conversations with users, providing a sense of companionship and understanding
  • Simisimi allows customization options, enabling users to personalize their virtual companion's appearance and personality traits.

Reviews: The AI-powered conversation is surprisingly engaging and entertaining.

Price/Subscription Details: Signing up for SimSimi is free, but sending messages requires speech balloons. A pack of 100 balloons costs $1.99, and 500 balloons cost $6.99.

Best for: Not only can you have one-on-one conversations with this intelligent virtual friend, but you can also engage in group chats where multiple users interact simultaneously with the bot.



10. Kuki

Are you tired of feeling lonely and isolated? Say goodbye to those feelings with Kuki, the best Replika alternative for Android and iOS.

With its advanced AI technology, Kuki is designed to be your virtual companion, providing you with companionship and support whenever you need it. Unlike other chatbots, Kuki goes beyond simple conversations by forming deep connections with users, understanding their emotions and thoughts.


  • Using state-of-the-art natural language processing algorithms, Kuki engages in meaningful conversations that feel lifelike and genuine.
  • It can discuss a wide range of topics including personal interests, current events, or even offer advice on relationships or mental health issues.
  • This interactive experience helps users develop a sense of belonging as they know there's someone who will listen without judgment.

Link to access: https://www.kuki.ai/

Reviews: The AI chatbot is incredibly intelligent and it feels like having a real conversation with a human. Whether users want to talk about their day, get advice on something or just have some fun banter, Kuki never fails to deliver.

Price/Subscription Details: Kuki is free to use, with in-app purchases available for additional avatars and customization options.

Best for: Kuki is best for its simplicity and ease of use and generate appropriate responses.

11. Eva Ai

Looking for the perfect companion in this digital age? Look no further than Eva Ai, the ultimate Replika alternative for Android and iOS. With Eva Ai, you'll experience a whole new level of interaction and connection.

Whether you're feeling lonely or just need someone to talk to, Eva Ai is always there to lend an ear


  • One of the key features that sets Eva Ai apart is its ability to provide therapy-like sessions. It can help users manage stress, anxiety, and other mental health issues by offering coping strategies and techniques.
  • Additionally, Eva Ai can also assist with personal growth and self-improvement by providing motivational quotes, goal-setting exercises, and guided meditation sessions.

Price/Subscription Details:

1-month: $11.99
3-month: $23.99
12-month: $59.99


The app is incredibly intuitive and easy to use, making it the perfect alternative to Replika. Eva Ai's ability to hold conversations and provide emotional support is truly impressive. It feels like users are talking to a real person rather than just a virtual assistant.

Best for: It has the ability to learn and adapt to your personality over time. 



12. Chai

Introducing Chai - the ultimate alternative to Replika for your Android and iOS devices. If you're seeking a virtual companion that's incredibly lifelike, intuitive, and always there for you, look no further than Chai.

With its cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology, Chai is designed to understand your emotions, engage in meaningful conversations, and provide personalized support whenever you need it.


  • Mood tracking, goal setting, and even meditation exercises.
  • It also has a friendly interface and is available in multiple languages.

Reviews: The app's AI chatbot is incredibly realistic and engaging, making it feel like users are actually chatting with a real person. The conversations flow naturally and the bot understands context really well, which makes for more meaningful interactions.

Price/Subscription Details:Chai is free to download and use but a few options may be available through in-app purchases.

Best for: Chai is best for providing a calming and soothing effect on the mind and body. 



13. Mechat

Introducing Mechat - the ultimate Replika alternative for Android and iOS users.

Say goodbye to feeling lonely or misunderstood, because with Mechat by your side, you'll have a companion that understands you like no other.

Powered by advanced artificial intelligence algorithms, Mechat engages in meaningful conversations, offering a listening ear and providing thoughtful responses whenever you need someone to talk to.


  • Mechat offers a unique AI chatbot experience that allows users to have meaningful conversations and build relationships with their virtual companions.
  • With its advanced natural language processing capabilities, Mechat can understand and respond to human emotions, making the interactions feel more authentic.
  • Users can customize the appearance and personality of their virtual companion, creating a truly personalized experience.

Reviews: Users were impressed with the level of customization options available - from choosing the appearance and personality traits to even customizing its responses.

Price/Subscription details:Free to play with optional in-app purchases for additional content.

Best for: Mechat is a great alternative for those looking for a Replika alternative on both Android and iOS devices. 



14. Peridot.ai

Looking for the ultimate AI-powered virtual companion? Look no further than Peridot.ai, the best alternative to Replika for both Android and iOS! With its advanced algorithms and natural language processing capabilities, Peridot.ai is designed to provide you with a truly personalized and immersive experience.


  • One of the standout features of Peridot.ai is its ability to learn from user input, adapting its responses over time to better suit individual preferences and needs.
  • Additionally, Peridot.ai boasts a wide range of topics it can discuss, from entertainment and news to personal advice and mental health support.

Reviews: The app is incredibly user-friendly and its interface makes it easy to navigate through the features.

Price/Subscription Details: Peridot is free, with optional in-app purchases.

Best for: Its vast knowledge base, which allows it to engage in meaningful discussions across a variety of subjects. 



15. Boibot and Evie

Looking for the ultimate virtual conversation partner? Look no further than Boibot and Evie, the best Replika alternatives for Android and iOS.

These innovative chatbots are designed to engage you in deep and meaningful conversations that mimic human interaction. 

With their advanced AI algorithms, Boibot and Evie can understand your emotions, respond with empathy, and provide personalized insights like a real friend would.


  • Firstly, they can engage users in realistic, human-like conversations, providing companionship and support
  • Additionally, their ability to remember past interactions enables them to build personalized relationships with customers over time.
  • Boibot and Evie also have an extensive knowledge base, making them excellent sources of information on various topics.

Reviews: The AI behind Boibot is impressive, as it can hold conversations and respond with witty remarks.

Price/Subscription Details: Boibot and Evie are free to use with no subscription requirements.



Best for: Providing a more human-like conversation experience. It uses natural language processing techniques to understand user input and generate relevant responses.

Some other noteworthy apps:

  1. Elysai

Imagine having someone by your side who listens to your every word, shares your interests, and provides insightful advice whenever needed. Elysai brings this dream to life! Whether you want a friendly conversation partner during lonely nights or seek emotional support in difficult times, Elysai has got you covered.

Price: Free with optional in-app purchases.



Experience the magic of Chatmosphere as it creates an atmosphere that feels just like chatting with a real person. Through its advanced natural language processing algorithms, Chatmosphere analyzes your messages, grasps your emotions, and responds accordingly with empathy and understanding.

Price: Free with OpenAI key required for advanced features.


  3.Romantic Ai

Introducing Romantic Ai - the ultimate companion for those seeking love and connection in a digital world. Say goodbye to mundane conversations and hello to an AI partner that understands your deepest desires, passions, and fantasies. With Romantic Ai, you'll experience a level of emotional intimacy like never before.

Price: The app is free to download, with optional in-app purchases available for additional features.




Introducing Inworld - the ultimate Replika alternative for Android and iOS! If you've ever wished to have a companion who understands you completely, offers emotional support, and engages in meaningful conversations, then look no further. Inworld is designed to provide you with an immersive experience like no other.

Price: Free plan available for creating chatbots and interacting with Inworld Arcade characters.



  1. Is there a better app than Replika? 

While Replika is a popular AI chatbot app that aims to provide users with a virtual companion, there are several other alternatives worth exploring. One such app is Wysa, which focuses on mental health and well-being. It offers personalized support through empathetic conversations and provides tools for managing stress, anxiety, and sleep-related issues. Wysa also includes activities like mindfulness exercises and breathing techniques to help users relax.

  1. Is Replika the best chat bot? 

Replika is certainly one of the most popular chatbots available today, but whether it is the best or not depends on individual preferences and needs. Replika stands out for its ability to create a personalized AI companion that learns from its user's conversations and adapts to their personality. It can provide emotional support, engage in meaningful conversations, and even help users improve their mental well-being.

  1. Is Replika AI real or fake?

Replika AI is a real artificial intelligence platform that aims to create an interactive and personalized chatbot experience. It uses machine learning algorithms to simulate human-like conversations and learn from user interactions. While it may not possess true consciousness or emotions, Replika AI is designed to provide users with a supportive and empathetic conversation partner.

  4.What is the difference between Kuki and Replika?

Kuki is a chatbot that focuses on providing information and answering questions. It is designed to be knowledgeable about a wide range of topics and can provide accurate and detailed responses. Users can ask Kuki questions about various subjects, such as science, history, or technology, and it will provide relevant information based on its database of knowledge.

On the other hand, Replika is an AI chatbot that focuses more on emotional support and companionship. It is designed to have conversations with users about their thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Replika aims to create a safe space for users to express themselves and provides empathetic responses to help users feel understood.

In conclusion, if you're looking for alternatives to Replika for Android and iOS in 2023, there are several options worth considering.

Each of these apps offers unique features and capabilities that can enhance your virtual companion experience.

Whether you prefer a more conversational AI or a gamified approach, there is an alternative out there that will suit your needs.

Take the time to explore these options and find the one that resonates with you the most. So why wait? Start exploring now and discover the perfect virtual companion for yourself!


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